Case Studies

Our case studies highlight the effectiveness of Hello Retail’s comprehensive solutions, ranging from innovative concepts to triumphant client outcomes

Explore our case studies to gain a glimpse of what you can anticipate when collaborating with Hello Retail.

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Legeakademiet lifting Search engagement with AI-Synonyms

Legeakademiet uses AI-Synonyms to enhance customer engagement with the Search experience by eliminating the Zero Result scenarios.

Right Price Tiles uses Pages to elevate Customer Experience

Hello Retail helped us elevate our webshop into a reliable platform for our customers and an essential tool for our staff.

BilXtra Boosts Customer Experience and Sales with Hello Retail

With 87% bigger order size and 144% more conversions, BilXtra represents a successful use of Hello Retail’s Search and Recommendations.

Hello Retail helped us achieve more than we hoped for!

Maik Fabri,, shares how Hello Retail helped him improve customer journeys and experiences, resulting in more visitors converting into customers and lifting the conversion rate by 5%.

Tuinhout Discount

Tuinhout Discount joined Hello Retail to gain an advantage over the competitors in the market as well as increasing their performance. – Shopware 6

Cykelexperten joined Hello Retail through one of our partners, Wexo with the goal of creating better upsell opportunities along with a personalized and fast user experience.

Reducing Manual Work and Increasing Revenue, a one stop shop for those who have various food intolerances in the Netherlands, was founded in 2012 and began partnering with Hello Retail in 2018.

User-Friendly ecommerce Solutions

After using Hello Retail’s ecommerce personalization solutions for just 6 months, Keuken Speciaal, a kitchen fixture and accessory store based in the Netherlands, saw an increase in conversion rate and revenue.

Professional Search

Utilizing a dynamic and professional search function on your webshop helps increase click-through-rate (CTR). Increasing CTR is #nextlevelecommerce! Klockia experienced this firsthand when they began using Hello Retail’s Search Functio

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