boost your Revenue
and Conversion Rate
with Personalized Search

Create unique customer-centric experiences and help shoppers find the right product upon their first search.

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For Developers

Build outstanding search experiences

Build your unique AI-driven search experience or use one of our many mobile-optimized solutions

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Reduce the Bounce Rate

Decrease your bounce rate by up to 55%. Stop losing money on advertisement that bounces.

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Better Conversion

A personalized experience tailored for your customers needs converts more. Do not show Adidas to a Nike fan.

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Flexibility & Control

Full control and flexibility to create the best suited customer journey for your customers to convert them.

Cutting-edge AI
+ a personal touch

Fueled by AI with our AI Product Intelligence Engine, our Search solution offers precision at your fingertips. Refine search results, adjust boosts, and control personalization weight with the help of a few sliders.

Group 39879
Group 39879

One Search,

Multiple Unique experiences

Based on a refined combination of AI and the shoppers affinity we create unique shopping experiences for each individual visitor.

One search query, multiple results.

Intelligent Search Optimizations

Fix zero search results with synonyms and redirects. Ensure shoppers always find what they are looking for.


An automatic fix to searches with no results with AI-Synonyms

When a user enters a query that doesn’t give any results, this feature employs AI to identify synonyms that produce relevant results on your site. 

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Make data-driven decisions

Get access to advanced Search Analytics to uncover profitable keywords, suggested improvements, and more.

Group 39879

Search engine powered by Behavioral and Product Intelligence

Our AI-powered search engine delivers personalized search results for eCommerce businesses worldwide. It detects shoppers’ affinity towards brands, categories, sizes, colors, and any additional attributes your products have. The engine, enriched with product intelligence, builds relations between profiles, interests, and products to display results tailored to the shopper’s preferences.

Casper H. Andersen

Casper H. Andersen

Sales & Project Manager

Smoke It

Hello Retail has contributed to our customers getting a better experience and therefore they visit our website more often and are willing to buy more.
Mieke Hendriks

Mieke Hendriks


Puur Mieke

Hello Retail took a lot of manual work out of my hands and they gave an enormous boost in revenue since mid 2017!

Jane Vestergaard



We have rarely worked with a supplier who is so interested in adding value to our business and finding solutions that we feel are tailored to our exact needs

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