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Our products create a unique personalized customer experience for every online merchant through intelligent AI based behavior recognition software

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All of our products interconnect and assemble into a multitude of different solutions that we set up daily for our customers to produce highly engaging experiences that improve UX and result in higher ROI.


Depending on your goal and mindset, we have created 3 suites that solve the biggest bottlenecks of being a mature e-commerce business.

Get to know your customers in this visual BI tool that connects to your store and lets you create segments you can use in your marketing. And the best part: it is FREE.

Activate your existing customers by delivering highly engaging experiences on the fly using product recommendations.

Increase Customer Lifecycle Value. Creating retention, is 30% of any successful e-commerce store’s revenue stream.

Turn insights
into sales.

With the Audience solution, you get the necessary tools to create advanced customer segments, the easy way. With Audience you can create precise customer segments and utilize them on Facebook or with your preferred email platform.

Personalized Search
& Recommendations

Ensure a personalized experience for each customer with our intelligent search and recommendations products. With the Activation suite, we ensure you convert more visitors into customers. Utilize this suite if you want to improve your webshop conversion rate and increase the basket size.

Convert one-time customers into loyal customers.

Utilize what our recommendation engine already knows about your customers and create personalized email experiences. Use this solution if you want to increase your brand value and thereby CLV.

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Frank van Engelen

Frank van Engelen



What we look for in a vendor is the personal touch, a fair price model and a user friendly product. These three aspects are the key drivers that make Hello Retail different to their competition. Thanks to our intensive collaboration, the conversion rate has increased by 50% in only 6 months. We are looking forward to keeping improving our results by collaborating with Hello Retail.


Kenneth Bårdseng



Hello Retail has sophisticated algorithms which understand the visitors cruising around your website, leveraging these algorithms you can present targeted products on your webshop and, i.e. email campaigns. This will raise your conversion rate. With their super customer service and willingness to find the best solution – their product is “a must have” for every retail website

Mieke Hendriks

Mieke Hendriks


Puur Mieke

Hello Retail took a lot of manual work out of my hands and they gave PuurMieke.nl an enormous boost in revenue since mid 2017! Growth in Revenue: 125% Growth in Visitors: 67% Growth in Conversion Rate: 28% Growth in products per order: 7% Growth in amount of orders: 132%

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