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Ecommerce personalization in 2024 – trends and opportunities

Ecommerce personalization has become a cornerstone in the industry. As we step into 2024, let us dive into the trends and opportunities not to miss.

Black Friday Report 2023

As we find ourselves on the other side of the year’s biggest shopping event, Black Friday, we are ready to make an evaluation. So, we crunched the numbers and built the Black Friday Report 2023 to see how merchants performed this year.

AI-Synonyms – An Automatic Fix to Searches with No Results

AI-Synonyms use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address the issue of zero search results. It identifies alternative keywords that produce relevant results and then implements these alternatives to improve the search experience.

New Search Analytics: Powerful Insights in your Dashboard

Explore how to use Hello Retail Analytics to compare periods to evaluate your site’s performance with Search and Recommendations.

HOW and WHY You Should Compare Periods in Analytics

Explore how to use Hello Retail Analytics to compare periods to evaluate your site’s performance with Search and Recommendations.

Personalized emails – key to a successful Black Friday campaign

Customers who receive personalized emails are more likely to open, read, and interact with them. It not only differentiates retailers but also creates deeper connections with customers, and a rewarding shopping experience.

Product Update: Analytics for Search Filters and Sorting

To help merchants define and select the filters most relevant to their customers, the Search solution by Hello Retail now also presents Analytics for Search Filters and Sorting usage.

Maximize Profits with the Knowledge of Product Discount Distribution

With the power of data analysis, businesses gain insights into discount distribution across various product types. Retailers can greatly benefit from this approach, saving time on analysis and automating campaigns.

Unlock Important Insights into Recurring Products

Recurring products, simply put, refer to items customers purchase more than once in a certain interval of time. Know when to tap your customers on the shoulder and present them with products they might re-purchase.

Target customers at the right time of the day with Hourly Distribution

The opportunities presented by Product Intelligence enable us to learn about buying behavior throughout the day from a product perspective.

What are Product Clusters – A Key Element of Product Intelligence

Product Clusters are a key element of our predictive system Product Intelligence. Our specialized AI system uses advanced grouping methods to find patterns and connections among a wide variety of retail products.

Discover the hidden potential with Product Lifetime Value (PLTV)

With the new possibilities of our Product Intelligence engine, we have identified a new trend figure called Product Lifetime Value, which can help you understand your products better.

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