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Target customers at the right time of the day with Hourly Distribution

The opportunities presented by Product Intelligence enable us to learn about buying behavior throughout the day from a product perspective.

What are Product Clusters – A Key Element of Product Intelligence

Product Clusters are a key element of our predictive system Product Intelligence. Our specialized AI system uses advanced grouping methods to find patterns and connections among a wide variety of retail products.

Discover the hidden potential with Product Lifetime Value (PLTV)

With the new possibilities of our Product Intelligence engine, we have identified a new trend figure called Product Lifetime Value, which can help you understand your products better.

Introduction to myHelloRetail dashboard

Get a full overview of the MyHelloRetail Dashboard presented by one of our Customer Success specialists. This information will help you find the crucial information you need when you need it.

Improve with Audience Part 4

Now you can achieve even new goals with Hello Retail’s Audience which is a bullet-proof solution that will guarantee higher engagement from your prospects.

How our Product Intelligence Engine is used for our Product Recommendations

Explore the impact of our Product Intelligence on the quality of product recommendations at Hello Retail.

Last-minute Valentine’s Day initiatives

This week we are back with a few suggestions to spread more love to your customers and help them celebrate Valentine’s Day!

The future of eCommerce

A paradigm shift is on the way, and we are on the AI cutting edge of that change. We have been working on a fundamental change to how our solutions operate, and we are finally ready to share more about it.

Product Intelligence – A product-centric AI opportunity

With a focus on complete privacy protection, we have developed state-of-the-art prediction software for the shopping industry. We call it Product Intelligence.

Industry performance report on Black Friday 2022

The biggest sales event of the year, Black Friday, is now in the rear mirror, and today, we would like to look at how it went. So grab a cup of coffee and dive into this year’s Black Friday industry performance figures!

Advice from CSMs – Christmas tweaks

Our Customer Success Management team is your Secret Santa this year! They are here to deliver expert advice and tips and tricks for your holiday sales and campaigns.

Christmas Marketing Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to boost your sales! December calls for Christmas and New Year’s deals, as many people are looking for the perfect gift. Here are some tips to help them find it.

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