Advice from CSMs – Christmas tweaks

December is here, the holidays are around the corner,
and in the holiday spirit, Hello Retail prepared a surprise for you:

Tips and tricks for your holiday sales and campaigns!

Our Customer Success Management team is your Secret Santa this year!

Today, they are taking over the series of articles we call “Tuesday tips” to deliver expert advice and tips and tricks for your holiday sales and campaigns!

Let’s see what our Christmas elves have to say:


Define your marketing goals and align them with your activities. 


Increase exposure for the products, brands, or categories you want to sell this season by using boosts. Doing so is an easy way of ensuring that the items you wish to promote are visible to visitors.

Create marketing campaigns that support your marketing goals. Make your newsletter contain the same products, brands, or categories you want your customers to notice. Our personalization engine will deliver the right products, matching your customers’ preferences!

Set the right shopping mood!


Bring the festivities and holiday spirit to your shop: add a Christmas hat to your shop’s logo, or sprinkle some snowflakes. 

Make sure the product recommendations on your front page are updated- add products that are a great gift or any festive items from your inventory. Don’t forget the Christmas sale labels!



Use Audience!


Utilize it to understand your customers and their shopping habits better. You can also use it to benchmark current metrics for specific segments and measure the success of your efforts.

If you have chosen to promote a particular brand, create an audience of customers who have bought it. After your holiday campaigns, revisit the audience: check how much the lifetime value, average order size, and count have grown!

Utilize upsell product recommendation boxes


Utilize upsell product recommendation boxes when a visitor adds an item to their cart. To ensure the customer will notice it, show it above the product they just added to their basket.

Fill in the upsell recommendation box with product options for inexpensive last-minute gifts!



Manual product selection


Manual product selection for your cart page recommendation box can do wonders this time of the year.

If your shop offers gift cards, vouchers, or gift wrapping, add them to this box. Guaranteed, it will increase the visibility of these items and services, and shoppers would like to take advantage!

Happy sales, everyone!

Thank you!