Product Intelligence

This is Pi

A cutting-edge use of AI that empowers businesses with a foundation for exceptional shopping experiences

What is Pi

Product Intelligence™ (Pi)

Product Intelligence™ is innovative prediction software for e-commerce that uses Artificial Intelligence to extract shopping behavior insights from product information. It identifies patterns in vast amounts of data, learning, and adapting continuously with every new product added to the database.

Pi is the new AI backbone of all our solutions – existing or future. We use Product Intelligence for product recommendations and search personalization, and provide unique intelligence insights valuable for any e-commerce business. Moreover, Pi is a versatile tool for developers and agencies, enabling them to create their own solutions on an easy-to-integrate API.

Product Clusters

Hello Retail has developed a unique proprietary technology that can identify groups of similar items creating global product profiles called Product Clusters. This process is run by our discriminative AI model and neural network, which find patterns and connections between similar products and generate applicable and relevant product-centric insights. Our findings are not associated with individual products but are derived from aggregated information.

How it works

Turning Products into Vectors

A standard product page contains valuable information such as title, image, and description. These attributes are converted into series of numbers allowing us to transform products into vectors. Vectors are essentially a set of numerical data that can be placed on a map and be analyzed in relation to each other. 

One big database 

Product Database made smarter with AI

With the millions of products in our system, we use the great advantage of vectors and AI technology to compare and combine the information we have about the products. This allows us to find dependencies, connections, and patterns of behavior that businesses can use for optimization and personalization strategies.

Cross-Shop Relations Between Products

Product Intelligence analyzes products across multiple shops and industries.

For instance, a shop needs to show product recommendations for a pair of sneakers but doesn’t have enough information to tell what products users tend to buy with these sneakers. Pi offers a solution by finding similar sneakers across multiple shops and the products that go well together with them. The findings are applied to create the best-fitting product recommendation with the items in the original shop’s inventory. 

Connect to our API with ease and empower your product knowledge

If you are a builder, you can easily integrate the Product Intelligence data into your webshop, PIM solution, ESP or CDP, which can unlock new opportunities. We have created a single GraphQL endpoint that makes it easy to consume.

Privacy-Aware Product Data

Traditional CRO tools rely on a large set of user behavior data, which is collected with cookie tracking. However, more and more online customers choose to opt out of cookie tracking, making it more difficult to see how they shop.

The core strength of Product Intelligence is to operate with product data instead of only user data to predict shopper behavior without any user tracking. Pi is the solution for future Ecommerce that complies with privacy regulations without compromising on excellent shopping experiences.


Our solutions

With Product Intelligence, Hello Retail solutions gain new strengths and advantages compared to alternatives on the market. We invite you to explore our Search, Recommendations and Pages solutions to learn more.

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