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Our AI-Powered engine that creates a new standard for personalization, without compromising user privacy.

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Our products create a unique personalized customer experience for every online merchant through intelligent AI based behavior recognition software

Product Recommendations

Increase conversion rate and basket size with Product Recommendations. Deliver unique experiences based on a combination of behavioural data and Product Intelligence.


Help customers find the products they love instantly with Personalized Search.
A man and a woman, for instance, will expect different results when they simply type in sneakers. So always be one step ahead and know what they look for.


Predict shopping patterns and present customers with products they need with Category and Brand pages. Boost loyalty with highly personalized shopping experiences.


Swiftly react to customer actions and keep them interested with Triggered Emails. Increase revenue by delivering relevant and personal email experiences.


Give your customers the best reasons to open your emails with Newsletter Content. Witness higher CTRs by matching the content of your email with the receiver’s preferences.


Get powerful insights into your customer segments with Audience. Launch your
marketing campaigns with confidence. Start today – Audience is free!

An easy-to-use API
for builders

A perfect building block for developers who want to create custom personalization experiences

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One platform,
limitless options

All of our products interconnect and assemble into a multitude of different solutions that we set up daily for our customers to produce highly engaging experiences that improve UX and result in higher ROI.

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Quotes from our customers


Robet Österberg

Head of Marketing

DPJ Workspace

Today we have over 300 categories and 6000+ active products. Before we started to work with Pages from Hello Retail, we had to go into every single category and manually select the position of each product.

Doing it that way was an extremely manual task and took a lot of hours, and we could never get it done.

After investing in Pages, we now have complete control of our categories, and the customer is presented with relevant products based on their behavioural data.
Besides having full control, we are saving tons of man-hours and have seen an increase in conversion rate and a decrease in bounce rate.

Michael Ravnsbæk

Michael Ravnsbæk

Head of Ecommerce & Digital


After we went live with Hello Retail, we have never seen higher CR. After the first iterations, CR increased by a further 19% and AOV 12% for the entire site. On the control target group, CR and AOV were unchanged during the same period.


Jesper Mark



Since 2015 pixizoo has used Hello Retail to give our customers a better experience when using our webshop. Besides product recommendations we use email triggers, search, abandoned cart and back in stock.
The products that Hello Retail deliver is great, but the best is the support team. Always ready to help and open for new ideas.

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Turn one time customers into loyal lifetime customers.

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With the power of data analysis, businesses gain insights into discount distribution across various product types.

Unlock Important Insights into Recurring Products

Recurring products, simply put, refer to items customers purchase more than once in a certain interval of time. These gems hold more value than meets the eye, as their value can grow with the number of times they are repurchased by the same customer. This is, however, only a potential that can be fulfilled by taking the right action at the right time.

Target customers at the right time of the day with Hourly Distribution

The opportunities presented by Product Intelligence enable us to learn about buying behavior throughout the day from a product perspective. By analyzing vast amounts of data about products, we gain insights into Hourly Distribution of product category sales, independently of user behavior.

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