Legeakademiet lifting Search engagement with AI-Synonyms

Legeakademiet was among the first Hello Retail customers to use AI-Synonyms before its official launch. 

Legeakademiet is a popular Danish online shop offering toys for children of various ages. They provide excellent service and a wide variety of products, including both educational and entertaining items.

We are proud of our ongoing collaboration with Legeakademiet and appreciate their curiosity and openness to innovation. 

Legeakademiet Case Hello Retail

What are AI-Synonyms

With AI-Synonyms, online shoppers find alternative products for their search queries that would instead present no results. 

A Zero Result Page can occur when the entered product doesn’t exist on the site. Often it leads to shop abandonment and higher bounce rates.

AI-Synonyms aim to improve user experience effortlessly. While e-commerce managers can manually add synonyms in the Hello Retail Dashboard, AI-Synonyms automatically solves hundreds of such search queries that likely go unnoticed.

In the period from 10/11-31/12, we observed the following performance with AI-Synonyms engagement on Legeakademiet.
Direct Conversion Rate
0 %
Indirect Conversion Rate
0 %

Direct Conversions indicate that the shown alternative items on the site are still relevant to lead to a conversion.

Indirect Conversions, while not indicating that customers converted on the shown results, do show continuous engagement on the site. Visitors click on results, eventually leading them to the products they purchase.

Any Hello Retail customer that has the AI-Synonyms activated can see these statistics in their Search Analytics Dashboard, and track both Direct and Indirect Conversions.

Jens Mikkelsen E-commerce Manager Legeakademiet

In December, we had hundreds of thousands of searches on the site, making the new feature particularly timely for us. Through close collaboration, Hello Retail implemented and tested the feature, and we are pleased with the results during this busy month.

Jens Mikkelsen, E-commerce Manager

How AI-Synonyms Solve a Zero Search

Let’s take the search for Geomag, a product not available on the site, therefore with no available Search results. To keep customers engaged, the AI-Synonyms feature identifies relevant alternatives with items such as Magna-Tiles, an alternative product with similar functionality.

The buyer must be aware that the results they see are not a 100% match of their search, but could present an interest based on what they initially looked for. Therefore the results page contains the statement:

  • EN: We didn’t find exactly what you were looking for, but here are some products you might find interesting.
  • DA: Vi fandt ikke præcist det du søgte efter, men her er nogle produkter du måske finder interessant.

Leveraging the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, the system processes hundreds of such terms to find matching results with alternative terms. 

Click on the image to zoom in

Each Zero Search is solved with up to 5 alternative queries. Like in the two examples shown below, our search engine scans the site for matching alternative results and links them to the initial Zero Search term. 

Initial Search Term:


spirograph 2

“Spirograph” alternative search terms

Danish word 🇩🇰 English translation 🇬🇧
geometrisk tegning geometric drawing
kreativt værktøj creative tool
tegnepen sæt drawing pen set
mønster tegning pattern drawing
kreativ tegning creative drawing

AI-Synonyms alternative results:

Click on the image to zoom in

Initial Search Term:


gemex 2

“Gemex” alternative search terms

Danish word 🇩🇰 English translation 🇬🇧
ædelsten gemstones
smykker jelwery
smykkesten gemstone
diamanter diamonds
perler pearls

AI-Synonyms alternative results:

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In Conclusion

Search is one of the most converting tools on an e-commerce site, and every interaction is a valuable opportunity for delivering a great experience. In the case of Legeakademiet, we see a clear illustration of how we can enhance customer engagement by eliminating the Zero Result scenario by providing valuable feedback to their search.

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