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Displaying the right product, at the right time, to the right customer is key in e-commerce and especially in catalogs with many thousands of products. We automated this process for you with our intelligent AI algorithm so you don’t have to worry anymore. We present to you, Pages.

Features of Pages

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Reduce the Bounce Rate

Decrease your bounce rate by up to 55%. Stop losing money on advertisement that bounces.

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Better Conversion

A personalized experience tailored for your customers needs converts more. Do not show Adidas to a Nike fan.

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Flexibility & Control

Full control and flexibility to create the best suited customer journey for your customers to convert them.

Today we have over 300 categories and 6000+ active products. Before we started to work with Pages from Hello Retail, we had to go into every single category and manually select the position of each product.

Doing it that way was an extremely manual task and took a lot of hours, and we could never get it done.

After investing in Pages, we now have complete control of our categories, and the customer is presented with relevant products based on their behavioral data.

Besides having full control, we are saving tons of man-hours and have seen an increase in conversion rate and a decrease in bounce rate.

Robert Österberg

Head of Marketing, DPJ Workspace

Increase your Conversion Rate

When more visits stay on page, a natural benefit is more revenue and a higher Conversion rate. You have no doubt by now realized that the more engaged your visits are, the more they buy, the more they buy the better your business is.

Decrease your Bounce Rate

One of the most critical elements for your category pages is the Bounce page rate. With our current Pages, many customers experience a decrease in bounce rate of 50%. Your paid ads become a much better investment for you by reducing the Bounce Rate.

Keep improving

With Pages, you also get an analytics solution where you can deep-dive into which category and brand pages works well & which ones need fine-tuning. You can quickly get a glimpse of which products sell well and which are trending on each separate category or brand page.


Imagine what you could do with 5-10 hours more each week

One of the key takeaways our customers have experienced has been the removal of manual prioritization of products in category pages. With Hello Retail you can put your category pages on auto-pilot – saving you an abundance of time that can instead be invested in creating new campaigns and all the other tasks at hand.

Time is money, don't waste it.
Just automate it.

With features such as boostings & fixed products, and the possibility to override on individual pages, you get a fine-tuned control over the experience you want to provide your visitors with, further enhancing a fully automated Customer Journey.

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