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Grow  your revenue
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Increase conversion rate and average order value, lower bounce rate, and delight customers by presenting the right products at the right time.

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Tailor shopping journeys with our best practice algorithms or build your custom solution

The possibilities are endless! Hello Retail’s AI engine recognizes and understands product correlations and enriches them with behavioral intelligence to create the market-leading product recommendations solution. 

Personalize every experience

Add Recommendations Anywhere On Your Site

Front Page

Dynamic and engaging content on your store front that promotes products of interest to your business and your customers.

Category and Landing Page

When a customer lands on a category page, make sure that the first products they see are relevant to them.

Product Page

Help your customers explore more products showing smart alternatives, matching your customer’s style and interest.

Basket Page

Increase basket size with the right product recommendations at the last step in the customer journey.

404 and No Result Page

Don’t lose your customers here, instead present them with products that will keep them exploring you webshop.

Upselling Step

Triggered by the “add to basket action”, show related products, to help customers complete their purchase with additional items.

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Group 39879

Cutting-edge AI
+ a personal touch

Driven by our proprietary AI- the Product Intelligence Engine, our product Recommendations offer a range of powerful strategies, presenting your visitors with the best products at all times. Hello Retail’s solution allows for fine-tuning product recommendations through customizations and tweaks to cater to your business strategy and customers’ preferences.

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Product Intelligence™

Product Intelligence™ (Pi)  is our innovative software that employs Artificial Intelligence and aggregated product data to predict shopping behaviours without compromising user privacy.

One product – more actions through aggregated product data

Pi gives accurate recommendations even for newly added items with no historical data, or in absence of cookie tracking. So you don’t lose any precious time or potential revenue.

With latest AI capabilities, we use image recognition and natural language processing to translate them into vectors, and map them to find global connections and behavioural patterns.


What we know about this product

  • Other products on your site which are suitable alternatives.
  • Other products customers could buy together with this hoodie.
  • Other products viewed in the same session with this hoodie.
  • Other brands customers would like.
  • Other categories of products of interest to the customer.
  • Other colours the customer could like.
  • and more
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Powerful analytics in your Dashboard

Take a data-driven approach. Understand what converts well and what needs adjustment. Learn from Recommendations Analytics to make decisions based on data, not intuition.

Reduce the Bounce Rate

You buyers will interact more with products that match their interests.

Better Conversion

Help your customers with recommendations that they are most likely to purchase.

Flexibility & Control

Have full control over the recommendation set-up to fit your strategies.

Casper H. Andersen

Casper H. Andersen

Sales & Project Manager

Smoke It

Hello Retail has contributed to our customers getting a better experience and therefore they visit our website more often and are willing to buy more.
Mieke Hendriks

Mieke Hendriks


Puur Mieke

Hello Retail took a lot of manual work out of my hands and they gave PuurMieke.nl an enormous boost in revenue since mid 2017!

Jane Vestergaard



We have rarely worked with a supplier who is so interested in adding value to our business and finding solutions that we feel are tailored to our exact needs

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