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Kasper R
Kasper Refskou jensen
Co-Founder & CEO
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Brian Petersen
Co-Founder & VP of Customer Experience

What we do

Personalization platform with AI at the core 

Hello Retail started its journey in 2013, to become today’s Ecommerce personalization platform that helps merchants across the globe stay relevant in a competitive market, maximize profits, and create unique experiences tailored to each visitor.

At the beginning of 2023, we announced our innovative predictive software – Product Intelligence – which has become the AI backbone of our personalization platform. The world and the Ecommerce climate are ever-changing, and we aim to empower our customers who want to be at the forefront of innovation.

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Our mission

We are on a compelling mission to inspire and innovate for the next-level customer journey, making every shopping experience personalized.

We cannot be anything but proud of our innovative and creative teams working hard to build the future of Ecommerce. Our priorities include maintaining a supportive and positive workplace while creating significant value for our customers. We care deeply about what we do and have high ambitions for the quality of service we provide.

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Why work at Hello Retail

At Hello Retail, you will work with like-minded people who encourage and inspire each other. We foster a social culture and genuinely enjoy each other’s company, so don’t hesitate to apply for our open positions.

As a Hello Retailer, you are encouraged to share and develop ideas into projects and take ownership of process improvements—we trust that you will see them through. We value each other’s opinions and collaborate to bring great ideas to life. Our varied backgrounds and experiences are our innovation drivers, fueling our growth and continuous learning.

You will like it here if you like:

  • Taking ownership and developing your ideas
  • Obtaining new and further developing your skills
  • Working with a motivated team that encourages and supports your growth
  • Being creative, effectively solving problems, and having fun!

Get to know the ambitious people behind Hello Retail

Sophie Rab
Customer Success Manager
Frederik Aagaard
Frederik Aagaard
Tech Lead
Usman Mohyuddin
Usman Mohyuddin
Daan V 1
Daan van den Hoven
Key Account Manager & Internal Data Analyst

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