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It is important to us that we constantly develop our customers, our technology, our service and our business. To succeed in that, we need the best people within their area. It does not matter which nationality you have, if you are a man or woman – as long as you are interested in making a difference and have fun at the same time.

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Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, we are serving the Nordics, BeNeLux and the US with a steady growing multicultural team.

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Haseeb Rehman


Hello Retail

I love working with HelloRetail because of the people I work with and the freedom to create what works best for me.

I can try out new things and have support of my managers. HelloRetail always hires the best people who are easy to work with.
Anna nowakowska

Anna Nowakowska

Implementation specialist

Hello Retail

When you are getting hired to a new place you are always anxious and curious of what you might expect when you’ll get there. You project scenarios in your head on what the new company culture will be like, how the new colleagues you are going to meet will greet you and accept you, and what challenges you are going to encounter on your way.

Being part of Hello Retail is nothing you could expect… it’s way better! When I got hired I expected many things but nothing like what I have experienced so far – and what it was is enormous support on every step of the way from my amazing team. I’ve never felt alone and I always got the help I needed without even asking for it. Room to grow & develop.

  • New friends – which are truly – one of a kind.
  • Extra ordinary company culture – which puts people first.
  • You can always be sure that whatever ideas you may have – your thoughts will be valued, respected and listened.
  • But most of all – you will be sure to come to work everyday with a smile on your face and excitement for a new day and new challenges!
  • And for any day that might be less then this (which we all have) you will be granted with a support and listening ear from your co-workers, and last but not least – some corny jokes (we have plenty of those!) to make sure you feel better!
Chris V

Chris van der Lest

Senior Business Development Specialist - europe

Hello Retail

Passion and people. These are 2 things I believe in.

I have a passion for customer experiences. With my background as concept developer I was creating physical customer experiences for retailers. At Hello Retail I have the chance of broadening my expertise and challenge my knowledge in the world of eCommerce, because I truly believe the offline- and online world are becoming more intertwined.

I also believe that you have to get along with the people you work with, but you also have to recognise that the strength of a team is consisting of different people with distinctive perspectives and personalities in order to grow as a company, and above all: to grow as a person.

Located right next to the Copenhagen Central Train Station and Metro, 18 bus routes, 20 minutes to the airport, and thousands of cyclists passing by our CPH-office every day.