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Improve with Audience Part 4

Presenting the new Audience feature: Products bought the first time

Hello Retail’s Audience solutions permits you to get a complete overview of your e-commerce business. Nowadays, knowing and analysing your customers’ journey is an indispensable part of building a successful online business. Whether you are consciously aware or not, you have an unique journey while shopping online. But what happens when you can analyse every aspect of your shopping adventure and use the insights for improving your marketing efforts? 

Now you can achieve even new goals with Hello Retail’s Audience which is a bullet-proof solution that will guarantee higher engagement from your prospects. By using the new customer segmentation named ‘‘Products bought the first time’’ you can now analyse the journey of the customers who bought a specific product for the first time. 

What is different ?

The mission of this new feature is to make you invest your time and marketing efforts into the categories of products that really matter and not exclusively for the ones that were a on-time purchase. This new tool is an extraordinary possibility for your store to get to know how they can plan and execute new strategies when being in an activation or retention phase but also to know which customers you should prioritize within the process. 

By segmenting your customers or new ones into specific groups, you can target and send emails to the right customers without incurring additional marketing expenses. 

The audience’s creation is a simple and user-friendly process. 

The new segment can be found when creating a new audience within the different options already available. When creating your new audience based on the segment you only have to name the audience and choose within the existing feature the newest one. 

The specific type of products bought for the first time can be filtered by different attributes such as brand, hierarchies, in Stock and so on depending on preferences and goals . By using this tool you will be immediately able to locate your loyal customers and see the value derived from customers that buy a specific product. 

Is the new feature bringing value to your web-shop? 

One of the main advantages of using customer segmentation is that you can see exactly how many of your prospects bought a specific type of product and how many of them came back for the same item. Moreover, the insights for Audience can show how many customers bought your products as first purchase, the Average Order Count and the Life Time Value per segment or per customer. You can use the Average Order Count to send a campaign to a segment of people who purchased a certain number of orders, on average. 

The insights provide information about the popular brands, categories or products chosen by customers from your online store, so you can now send a campaign to the right interested people. 

Some products are more appealing than others when attracting new, long-term customers. By identifying the products, categories or brands that your customers most frequently purchase first, you will be able to better understand what attracts your ideal first-time buyers. 

Audiences can help you target the right customers and segment them properly to market effectively whether we speak about an acquisition, activation or retention strategy. By only targeting your best customers you will see significant improvements in campaign performances and business growth. 

The main focus of this blog post is to explain why certain brands tend to have more sticky customers and why it is efficient and successful to invest your marketing efforts where people tend to buy regularly. 

Thank you!