Last-minute Valentine’s Day initiatives

ALERT! The month of love is here!
And we have prepared an early treat for you…

Spread more love to your customers

This week we are back with a few suggestions to spread more love to your customers and help them celebrate Valentine’s Day! 

The special day of love has become so popular around the globe in the past few years, so you should not miss the occasion and leverage the holiday for your business. At Hello Retail, we know you have already planned some great activities to support your marketing and sales efforts, so allow us to pitch in some last-minute activities you still have time to do! 

Our suggestions are short and sweet, require little to no effort, but will help boost your sales this Valentine’s Day!

And without further ado, let us jump into the list

Valentines Day pink heart

Tuesday Tip no. 1

Grow your subscribers’ list – it will benefit your email marketing efforts! The fastest and easiest way to do that right before the special day is to run a giveaway.

You can do that on social media, and to make it more effective, you can run it on all platforms you use to promote your business: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Ensure the gift is attractive so that visitors want to sign up for your newsletters and giveaway.

If you want to achieve a higher reach, include the disclaimer that to take part in the giveaway, you need to tag X amount of friends or re-share the post.

Tuesday Tip no. 2

Create a sense of urgency

Create a sense of urgency – both for your giveaway and offers! After all, you want to make purchases on your eCommerce store a no-brainer.
State the duration of the campaigns you are running on your site, email campaigns, and use limited offers (that cannot buyers cannot refuse!). You may even want to discount a few products that are rarely a part of a sales campaign.

Tuesday Tip no. 3

Delivery dates

Make delivery dates visible – informing customers about delivery times is crucial! Especially when everyone wants to make sure their gifts arrive on time.

Tuesday Tip no. 4

Focus on relevant products

Expose the products that make a great gift! Doing so does not mean that you should stock up on new items. Identify the products in your inventory that fit the profile and focus on promoting those. If you have some extra time, you can create gift guides and highlight why these items are the gifts your shoppers are looking for!

Tuesday Tip no. 5

Target last-minute shoppers

As with any other holiday, there will be last-minute shoppers! Use our free Audience solution to create a segment that highlights users who purchased from you in the week before Valentine’s Day last year.

  1. Navigate to Audience
  2. Click “Create new”.
  3. Give a name to your Audience and click “Add segment”.
  4. Select “Previous orders”.
  5. Use the following configuration: The customer has previously made more than 0 orders. I do want to filter by a specific time period. 
  6. Select any dates that are consistent with what is considered a late order for your store e.g. 2022-02-05 to 2022-02-10. 
  7. Click “Add”.

Once done, Audience will give you a list of last year’s late shoppers. Export the email addresses of those who have opted in to receive updates from you and let them know about the shipping details. 

You can sync the segment with Facebook and market to others who fit the profile. This will allow you to spread the message!

But wait

In the name of love, we want to gift you with one more free tip

Make it personal

Do not forget to tweak personalization and boosts for the solutions you are using! Doing so ensures your customers get the best product suggestions at all times across their journey.
Of course, do not forget to personalize your emails, too. Include the recipient’s name, give them a discount as a token of appreciation and spread the love! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Thank you!