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Search boosts for Black Friday

This week, we are back with a crucial tip that we know will support your Black Friday strategy and will help you maximise your profits and sales: it’s simple – use Boosts!

Target earlier Black Friday customers

In this week’s edition of Hello Retail’s Tuesday tips, we are diving head first into the importance of strengthening your customer base and relationship with existing and potential buyers.

Lifetime Value for Brands

This week we are focusing on the brands that create high LTV, as well as repeat customers for the Fashion, Pets, Outdoors and Electronics industries.

Finding the good in poor performance

In this week’s Tuesday tip, we are focusing on the red numbers and how you, as an ecommerce business owner or manager can use these to make informed decisions and use that information to your advantage!

Lifetime Value for Baby shops

Did you know? We have analyzed the data and found that customers who buy the brand Oli & Carol tend to have an almost 2.5X LTV compared to the average LTV.

Why your eCommerce store needs a smart site search

About 61% of eCommerce sites offer site search performance that is below average. At the same time, on-site searchers are almost two times more likely to convert than other website users.

Insights – Analytics made simple

Meet Insights, a smarter & simpler way to be presented with the top findings for your e-commerce store. All Hello Retail customers can now access this feature within MyHelloRetail.

How to become Data Driven and Why

Becoming data-driven in your decision-making is the act of making informed decisions rather than relying on gut feeling. Learn more about how to do it.

Paid Social Media cost is rising – here’s something you could do about it

According to data from Hunch, the five major social media platforms – Facebook, Google (including YouTube), TikTok and Snapchat – all showed an increase in advertisers in Q2 2021.

Customer Journey Optimization

Mobile shopping is becoming the way customers prefer to shop, but most search solutions still cater towards a desktop market. Learn how we set out to perfect the mobile search experience.

The nature of Recommendation systems

In this information era, the Recommendation System (RS) has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. But what is a RS after all?

Improve with Audience Part 3

In this article, Hello Retail’s VP of Product, Delivery & Tech Support, Philip Andersen, shares tips and tricks on making the most of your marketing efforts with Audience.

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