Finding the good in poor performance

Tuesday Tip

Pages Analytics

Category and brand pages are important for your ecommerce business as they guide your buyers to the specific types of products they are interested in. And while the value of high quality, personalized category pages is common knowledge, having a good understanding of their performance is a helping hand in making informed decisions about your business. 

At Hello Retail, we believe that Pages Analytics supplies vital information about the popularity, positive and negative trends of your online store’s Category & Brand pages.
While positive trends are often associated with successful campaigns and sales, both the high and low performance of a category and/or a brand page may generally be affected by multiple factors. 

This week’s Tuesday tip

In this week’s Tuesday tip, we are focusing on the red numbers and how you, as an ecommerce business owner or manager can use these to make informed decisions and use that information to your advantage!

To name a few elements that may be playing a role in the low performance analytics you see, let us take a look at seasonality, pricing, interest, gender, familiarity with brand(s), necessity for said products, social and economic status.

Pages Analytics allows for an easy overview of your Least effective (category or brand pages with the lowest CTR) and Worst performing (pages with the lowest generated revenue).

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These metrics not only pinpoint the low performers amongst category and brand pages, but they also highlight some disconnects with buyers. We have compiled lists of a few things you can look into when you notice:

  • Category and/or brand pages with low CTR:
    ◦ Review your target audience- you may be advertising to the wrong target group.
    ◦ Match your buyers interests: adjust your pages’ boostings and promote brands your customers are familiar with, products in stock and products on sale.
    ◦ Look into seasonality and necessity: are these pages rich with seasonal products and are they of necessity now?


  • Category and/or brand pages with high CTR and low revenue:
    ◦ Ensure you are redirecting traffic to the page you are advertising.
    Review pricing: are there adjustments that need to be made?


  • Category and/or brand pages with low CTR and high revenue:
    ◦ Review your marketing strategy: are the pages with high revenue and low CTR getting enough exposure?Are you using the links to these pages in your Facebook Ads, Google Ads and email marketing? Generating more traffic for these category and brand pages is a golden opportunity for boosting their revenue as well!

We hope this blog post gives you insight into what could be factors that are negatively influencing the performance of some of your category and brand pages and some ideas on how to bounce back and turn the negative into positive!

Thank you!