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Top 10 brands for Baby shops

At Hello Retail, we are experts in understanding product and behavioral data for ecommerce shops. We are beginning a new blog post series named Tuesday tips. The focus is on ecommerce intelligence & how you can use Hello Retail’s products for an optimal e-commerce experience. The goal is for you to provide information so you can make better-informed decisions based on your webshop data. 

When deciding which products to sell, you should look into which products create the highest Life-Time Value customers (LTV or CLTV). If you see brands bought the first time increase the chance of creating loyal customers, then you should promote them more. A healthy business is reliant on repeat customers.

Did you know?
We have analyzed the data and found that customers who buy the brand Oli & Carol tend to have an almost 2.5X LTV compared to the average LTV. So if you are a baby shop, you should begin promoting the brand Oli & Carol.

Top 10 brands

that you as a Baby shop should promote for first-time buyers

First Time Purchase

BrandLifetime ValueIncrease*
Oli & Carol2.24€246 %
Cybex1.84€184 %
Mini Rodini1.75€170 %
Mikk-Line1.61€148 %
A Little Lovely Company1.37€112 %
Wood Wood1.36€109 %
Hevea1.32€103 %
Sebra1.22€89 %
Scrunch1.21€86 %
Mamameno1.18€82 %

*The increase is based upon the average LTV for the shop.

If you are interested in knowing what brands you should sell the most, then log into MyHelloRetail and take a look at the Insights functionality.

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