Lifetime Value for Baby shops

Tuesday Tip

Top 10 brands for Baby shops

At Hello Retail, we are experts in understanding product and behavioral data for ecommerce shops. We are beginning a new blog post series named Tuesday tips. The focus is on ecommerce intelligence & how you can use Hello Retail’s products for an optimal e-commerce experience. The goal is for you to provide information so you can make better-informed decisions based on your webshop data. 

When deciding which products to sell, you should look into which products create the highest Life-Time Value customers (LTV or CLTV). If you see brands bought the first time increase the chance of creating loyal customers, then you should promote them more. A healthy business is reliant on repeat customers.

Did you know?
We have analyzed the data and found that customers who buy the brand Oli & Carol tend to have an almost 2.5X LTV compared to the average LTV. So if you are a baby shop, you should begin promoting the brand Oli & Carol.

Top 10 brands

that you as a Baby shop should promote for first-time buyers

First Time Purchase

*The increase is based upon the average LTV for the shop.

If you are interested in knowing what brands you should sell the most, then log into MyHelloRetail and take a look at the Insights functionality.

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