Search boosts for Black Friday

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How to set up Search Boosts for Black Friday

With less than two months until Black Friday, Ecommerce businesses are heavily focused on planning the perfect strategies for carrying out successful and profitable sales campaigns.

Most businesses are also working hard on strengthening their relationships with customers, as well as acquiring more and new buyers. 

In one of our latest articles, we talked about the importance of rekindling the flame with customers, who purchased from you during your last year’s Black Friday campaign. If you missed the post and our step-by-step guide on how you can accomplish that with Audience, you can read all about it here


This week, we are back with a crucial tip that we know will support your Black Friday strategy and will help you maximise your profits and sales: it’s simple – use Boosts!

Boosts is the magic setting that allows you to prioritise the order of search results presented to your customers. You can tweak boosts in any way that supports your strategy – show specific brands at the top, products in stock, products on sale, products in a certain colour and the list goes on!

Let's get you started

To get you started and help you make the best out of the biggest sales event of the year, we have compiled a list of powerful boosts suggestions:

On sale & in stock

Expose products on sale and in stock - ensures that even if products are selling fast, all remaining products associated with a search that are in stock and on sale, are the first ones to be exposed to your customers!

Specific brand

Specific brand and products on offer - brands important to your strategy, which are also on sale, will be the first ones to appear in the relevant searches of your customers. If you are looking into boosting brands, you can also boost the one where products have a higher margin.


A really important boost, as it helps your most bought and most viewed products get extra exposure and appear in the top of your search results.

Use these powerful boosts combinations and make this
Black Friday one to remember!

Set boosts for your Search engine with these easy to follow steps:

  1. Click on the Search solution drop-down and select Search engines
  2. Next to Search settings, there is an Edit search settings button: click it!
  3. Under Boosted products, select the field you want to boost on, e.g. products on sale
  4. Choose the field’s value e.g. true
  5. Drag the slider and click Add boost!

tweak the boosts

Do not forget to tweak the boosts on your category and brand pages- they are just as important! This will improve the visibility of the products within category and brand pages, which are part of your Black Friday campaign.

Follow these steps, to tweak the boosts for Pages:

  1. Click on the Pages solution drop-down and select Overview
  2. Open the configuration you would like to tweak boosts for.
  3. You will find the Boosts setting under Product order
  4. Choose the field you want to boost on.
  5. Choose the field’s value
  6. Drag the slider and click Add boost!

If you are interested in

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