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Remember the last time you were overwhelmed with a dashboard?

You are trying to figure out what you can do to improve the performance of your online store so that you can sell more products. You look at your web analytics tool, and all you see are a lot of metrics, graphs, and data points, and you don’t really understand them.
Is it good or bad, or can you simply ignore it?

Act now,
Before it's too late.

Not understanding but still acting on your online store’s performance data can be very costly. Data is the competitive edge that ensures you target the most profitable customers and that your online store drives conversion rate and average order value up.

This means you can have a more profitable business in a more competitive landscape – if you know how to read and act on the data.


Meet Insights

by Hello Retail

Luckily now there is a better way. Meet Insights, a smarter & simpler way to be presented with the top findings for your e-commerce store.

All Hello Retail customers can now access this feature within MyHelloRetail. Insights will frequently show you new insights and actions you can make on how your online store can perform even better. The goal is not to overwhelm you with an abundance of insights but to show you a few highly relevant to your business.

Insights solve the following issues:
It distills the advanced analytics into something digestible and easy to understand no matter your technical background. It only shows the best findings and lets you decide what you want to explore further.

We will display the top 3 insights that are of the highest importance to your online store.
You can indicate with a vote function if you find the information helpful or not.
We will show you more insights to improve your online store when you vote.

Going forward, we believe these key insights will transform how you understand and interpret data to unlock critical improvements to your business.

HR Insights Marketing v6

To all Hello Retail customers, we hope you enjoy this solution. Head over to Myhelloretail and check it out.

if you are not a customer yet – then let us show you how we can present insights in an easily digestible way.

Thank you!