Target earlier Black Friday customers

Tuesday Tip

How to target customers who bought last year at Black Friday by using Hello Retail Audience and Facebook

The last few years redefined shopping for store owners and buyers, and online shopping experiences have become a preferred way of buying goods for many people worldwide. 

Black Friday is just around the corner, and, being the biggest and busiest sales period of the year, businesses have long started working on their marketing strategies and store optimizations.

In this week’s edition of Hello Retail’s Tuesday tips, we are diving head first into the importance of strengthening your customer base and relationship with existing and potential buyers. Your customer base directly affects your revenue and determines the success of your campaigns. While acquiring new customers is always a top priority, we suggest you also contact buyers who purchased your products during last year’s big sale event. Doing so will provide your online store with an extra peak in traffic and increase the chances of generating more revenue for your business.

Reigniting the interest of customers who bought from you during the past Black Friday period is one way of securing more sales during your upcoming Black Friday campaigns. 

To do that, you may want to target this customer segment with teaser campaigns, and inform them about pre- and flash sales or discount offers. Of course, before you do that, you need to identify those buyers, and Hello Retail is here to help you do that!

A few, easy to follow steps

You can fetch a list of all customers who purchased from you during last year’s Black Friday in a few, easy to follow steps:

  1. Go to Audiences
  2. Click on ‘Create audience’
  3. Give a name to your audience e.g. ‘Black Friday 2021’ and click on ‘Add segment’
  4. Select the ‘Previous orders’ segment and add the following setting: Customers that have made more than 0 orders
  5. Specify the period of time you are interested in e.g. in the period 2021-11-26 to 2021-11-29.
    If you are running presale campaigns, you may also be interested in the customers, who completed purchases the week before the Black Friday event. In that case, select the entire week leading up to the big event: 2021-11-18 to 2021-11-25.
  6. Click on ‘Create audience’

Reignite the spark - export the email addresses

Once your customer list is curated, you can export the email addresses of buyers who have agreed to receive marketing emails from you. Reignite the spark by sending them great offers and remind them why they chose you in the first place.

Hooray!!... There's more

‘Sync with Facebook’

Use the ‘Sync with Facebook’ feature to create look-alike audiences for your Facebook Ads and target people with similar interests and shopping habits. 

Doing so, provides you with an extra peak in traffic, potential new customers and extra revenue.

Thank you!