Treat your loyal customers to something extra

Black Week is finally here.
3 days until the biggest sale event of the year! 


We know you are ready, and so are we!

The perfect opportunity to acquire new customers

In the past few years, the amount of people turning to online sales during the Black Friday period has grown, which in turn has completely changed the nature of the event.

The competition has grown, and with that, purchasers are looking for the best deal and value for their money and they expect to be pampered with free delivery, free returns and anything else you are ready to offer to make them choose you!

This is the perfect opportunity to acquire new customers, as it is the time of the year when people are willing to buy from new stores.

So let’s talk about retention, shall we?

Black Week is also the absolute best moment to show appreciation to your loyal customer base.

This Tuesday we bring you a few ideas to say “Thank you” to your repeat buyers, help them cross the finish line one more time and show them why they chose you in the first place!

So why don’t you…

Treat your frequent customers to something special:

  • You can send them an email marketing campaign with a discount code for e.g. 20% extra,
  • Buy two get one free,
  • Early bird access to all offers on your store.
    Make sure to use a tempting subject line that will make them want to look what is inside e.g. Peek inside, this sale is secret!

Create a sense of suspense

Let your repeat buyers know when the sale event starts and set up a countdown timer on your store or include a catchy subject line for your email campaigns e.g. Save the date! Black Friday starts in 8 hours!

Send a teaser of your best offers

Show your loyal customers the deals they do not want to miss on the big day.

Make them an offer that cannot be refused

Combine any of the suggestions above with creating a sense of urgency. If you have an extra discount code up your sleeve, let your loyal buyers know it is valid for only 5 hours, until midnight, etc.

“It sounds great so far, but how do I find my loyal customers?”- you may ask.

Well, we did promise you easy and fast implementation of our suggestions, so here is how:

  1. Head to MyHelloRetail
  2. Navigate to Audiences
  3. Click on “Loyal customers” (it is already created for you! – see below)
  4. Export the email addresses of customers, you have permission to contact with email marketing materials.
  5. Sync with Facebook so you can target look-alike audiences.


Thank you!