Hello Retail helped us achieve more than we hoped for!

Aniforte.de boost their Average Order Value by 11% with Hello Retail!

Maik Fabri, Aniforte.de, shares how Hello Retail helped him improve customer journeys and experiences, resulting in more visitors converting into customers and lifting the conversion rate by 5%.

Maik Fabri

Maik Fabri

E-Commerce manager

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What was their challenge?

Like any other business, Aniforte.de is on a journey of continuous improvement to deliver world-class experiences to its customers.

One of the main challenges the business faced was improving the overall journey potential Aniforte.de buyers had.

At the time, the owners used Shopify’s built-in search functionality as their shop’s search engine, but something did not feel right. The search itself was okay, but as a business, they knew that to convert more visitors into paying customers, Aniforte did not only need better- it needed great.

The decision to come on board:

Maik was interested in finding a company that solves these challenges for the business. While conducting his research, his network advised him to reach out to Hello Retail due to pleasant experiences and satisfaction with the company’s services.

And the rest is history!

About the onboarding process and experience:

The Aniforte team chose the fully managed solutions Hello Retail offers, which worked out great for them. HelloRetail’s support experts implemented beautiful search and product recommendation designs and introduced Maik to the back end. 

The entire onboarding process felt smooth and easy to Maik:


“I didn’t have to do
much work myself”

Insight into the performance:

Maik shares that, like any other business, Aniforte wanted to ensure that their investment was worth it and Hello Retail was living up to its reputation:

“We started by setting up an A/B split test between our old solution with Shopify’s and Hello Retail.”

Shortly after, the results were evident, and Aniforte fully transitioned to using Hello Retail’s optimized solutions.

“We have seen a 5% conversion rate lift and an 11% lift in Average Order Value (AOV) since we moved to Hello Retail, which is more than we hoped for!”


Since the onboarding:

“Since the onboarding, we switched our overlay search template to an embedded template that perfectly fits our shop’s design!

We continue optimizing our customers’ experiences by learning from the search insights Hello Retail presents in the Dashboard. They help us make informed decisions about tweaks we make to our search engine.”

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