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Cykelexperten joined Hello Retail through one of our partners, Wexo with the goal of creating better upsell opportunities along with a personalized and fast user experience.

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Shopware and excited to work with one of the top frameworks for building webshops. Our collaboration with this esteemed partner has been extra special and we are grateful for the opportunity. If you are interested in learning more about why Cykelexperten was impressed with the exceptional quality of our customisation and speed, we invite you to read further.

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We were recommended to use Hello Retail through our partner, Wexo, as they were the only supplier who could work at a high enough level with Shopware. The coordination of integration was managed by Wexo and Hello Retail, and seemed to work very smoothly.

From traditional to next level E-commerce

We have found that Hello Retail is extremely cooperative and proactive in regard to constantly creating a better solution.

When changing to Hello Retail, we hoped to create better upsell opportunities along a personalized user experience.

They are very analytical and constantly turn the knobs to create the best results, and even made a customized solution for our upsales, and due to this our AOV has never been higher.

“For us at Hello Retail, this has been a very fun assignment, as we saw many ways to create a better solution, and Cykelexperten has been giving us the opportunity to go crazy with our ideas. This solution has required quite a few very long meetings, but we are happy to spend that time, when we see how much it means to our client.”

Hello Retail

Top 4 reasons for working with Hello Retail


Customized fairness

To reach our goal we needed a custom solution. It was Hello Retail who recommended to go with that, even creating extra work for themselves, without extra charge. That’s how we want all our partners to be.



Speed is crucial for the customer journey which means that it is critical for us as shopowners – having a fast search engine delivering personalized content caters to the attention span and interest of our users


Ongoing optimization

We were very pleased to see the initial results of changing to Hello Retail, and we did not expect that they could squeeze the solution to perform much better. It now performs more than the double of the initial performance, and we get deep insight in what they change, but also why.


Personalized Search

The Search solution was a big deal for us, and initially they provided a Search performing significantly better that our previous supplier. Over the course of 8 months, that same Search is now performing almost 4X better than their initial Search.

AOV increase
0 %
Search Relevancy Increase
x 0.8
CR increase
162 %

“We invest a few hours every second months, just to go through numbers and agree on where Hello Retail will focus next. In return we profit significantly better.”

Mads Andersen,