Right Price Tiles uses Pages to elevate Customer Experience

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“Our collaboration with Hello Retail has been great from day one. The solution is highly reliable and support is exceptional.

Thomas Luzio, E-commerce Manager

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Right Price Tiles, originating in Ireland, expanded its presence to Norway in 2005, establishing a successful chain. Over the years, the chain grew to 14 stores across the country, delivering excellent products such as tiles, natural stone, and various accessories at prices that are both fair and competitive. The company’s primary commitment lies in empowering customers with the freedom to select products tailored to their specific projects, avoiding large delivery fees and long waiting times.

 In 2018, Right Price Tiles launched their current online store platform, rightpricetiles.no, and has been immensely useful both for online shoppers and for the staff, who use the platform to search for products in their conversations with customers.

The Challenge

The product variation in the shop’s inventory presented a real challenge when organizing and updating category pages on the webshop. In our conversation with Thomas, we learned that he used to spend hours selecting the right products for the right categories.

The pages were static, meaning that customers were missing out on a personalized experience. Additionally, with new trends come new products, which also need to be systematically added to their categories.

In the physical stores, the shop assistants guide the customers through the different options. So they looked for a solution to make the webshop work the same way in helping buyers find the right products easily.

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 Pages elevate Customer Experience and Conversion Rates for Right Price Tiles

The category pages on the webshop now better serve the customer, showing products in well-organized categories and relevant order, with convenient filters and sorting options. Thomas was glad with all the time he was now saving, which he uses to focus on selecting the right inventory for their customers. 

Flexibility and Control

The Hello Retail Pages solution allows any business to control how products are presented. As we can already learn from their name, Right Price Tiles focuses on offering the best price for their customers. With the Boosting functionality, the merchant can be assured that the good offers will always take the correct placement on the page.

Better User Experience

"A particular attribute to our products is that our customers evaluate the price of tiles based on cost per square meter. At the same time, we sell the tiles in packages, which can vary in the surface they cover. What we needed to show on products was the price equivalent to square meters. The support team at Hello Retail was highly helpful in solving this issue quickly and efficiently. We can now accommodate our customers with convenient price indicators without much effort on our side."

— said Thomas Luzio, E-commerce Manager

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Increased performance across the webshop

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Hello Retail helped us elevate our webshop into a valuable element of our omnichannel customer experience, as a reliable platform for our customers and an essential tool for our staff.

Thomas Luzio

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