Reducing Manual Work and Increasing Revenue, a one stop shop for those who have various food intolerances in the Netherlands, was founded in 2012 and began partnering with Hello Retail in 2018.

The hassle of shopping for a whole family with food intolerances often requires 5 stops, 20 different products throughout supermarkets, specialist shops, and a few different webshops. Mieke struggled with this every time she went shopping for groceries.

Eight years ago, Mieke thought shopping for food could be easier if there was a one-stop shop for all the pure products she needed, and so was born.

In 2018 had around 24.000 unique visitors per month. Mieke’s main goal was growth, so she began using Hello Retail’s solutions. 2,5 years later the shop gets 40k+ unique visitors per month and is still growing. Since 2018, the number of visitors, conversion rate, average order value, revenue, amount of orders, and products per order have all grown.

The owner explained, “The cooperation with Hello Retail started in July 2018. Hello Retail is an important part of the growth we made. The main focus we had was to grow, and with Hello Retail the revenue went into a boost. Over the 2,5 years of our collaboration the revenue made a growth of 125%.”

Utilizing Hello Retail Search and Product Recommendations, has optimized their customer journey and increased conversions. 

Mieke Hendriks

“The Hello Retail Search created a lift in the conversion rate. Due to a better customer journey on the website of the conversion rate is now 8,24% instead of 5,42% in 2018. That is a growth stand-alone of 28% on the conversion rate.”

Mieke Hendriks, owner of Puur Mieke

This is what we did for Puur Mieke

Saving Time

The time Mieke could save by implementing Hello Retail’s Search was one of the most important reasons for this choice. She no longer had to manually input recommendation rules and connect products. Hello Retail’s Search A.I. takes over all of this manual work and automates this process.

increasing conversions

Hello Retail’s Product Recommendations tool helped increase the conversion rate and the amount of products per order. By showing more relevant productsat the most relevant time the customers of have a better customer experience and customers buy more products per order.

Growth in Revenue
0 %
Growth in product per order
0.8 %
Growth in amount of orders
12 %
Growth of visitors
0 %
Growth in Conversion Rate
0 %

“Hello Retail took a lot of manual work out of my hands and they gave an enormous boost in revenue over the last 2,5 years!”

Mieke Hendriks