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Hello Retail’s User-Friendly Products and Personal Touch Helped Keukenspeciaal Increase Conversions and Revenue.

Frank van Engelen is the owner of seven webshops and has a lot of experience with ecommerce. What he looks for in a vendor is the personal touch, a fair price model and a user friendly product. 

Frank explained, “These three aspects are the key drivers that make Hello Retail different from their competition. Since beginning a collaboration with Hello Retail in 2020, has seen an increase in conversion rate and revenue, while enjoying Hello Retail’s helpful customer service and user-friendly solutions”.

Franks Top 4 reasons for working with Hello Retail


Personal Touch

From the beginning the contact with Hello Retail was on a very personal level- more than just a cold business contact.

Heart With Mouse

User friendly products

Hello Retail’s solutions are very simple to understand and use. The dashboard gives me easy access to our results.

Price Tag

Fair price model

A lot of the competitors of Hello Retail work with all different kinds of price models. The one is even harder to understand and control than the other. With Hello Retail you know upfront what your costs are and there will be no surprises afterwards.



Hello Retail’s Search functionality is one of the most valuable features that increased our conversion rate. The Search Pro personalization makes it easy to guide our customers to the right products, increasing the conversion rate each month.


Frank van Engelen, Owner

“We are looking forward to keeping improving our results by collaborating with Hello Retail. In just 6 months an intensive collaboration working with Hello Retail we saw”:

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Growth in Revenue
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