BilXtra Boosts Customer Experience and Sales with Hello Retail

We always strive to deliver a great shopping experience on our webshop, and Hello Retail has been absolutely instrumental in helping us with our mission.

Michael Birkeland, Head of Digital, BilXtra

BilXtra is Norway’s largest car equipment chain, with a network of more than 60 stores across the country. These stores serve as a one-stop destination for car enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of products, from essential car parts to accessories, car stereos, and child seats. But BilXtra is more than just a retailer; it’s a trusted partner in car maintenance. With a wealth of knowledge in automotive upkeep, BilXtra’s experts are dedicated to providing customers with invaluable advice and tips.

The Challenge

With over 90,000 products on its webshop, the customer faced a considerable challenge in curating and maintaining its product recommendations. More than that, a significant portion of this inventory comprises intricate car parts and accessories, often requiring compatibility with specific complementary items. The diversity of product types and models made it exceedingly challenging to ensure that customers were consistently presented with precisely what they sought. Lacking personalized recommendations and an optimized search function, the customer experience on BilXtra’s website was falling short of its full potential.

After a quick onboarding results showed immediately

In Norway, BilXtra has a presence, not just as a reputable seller, but also as a provider of good service through its network of workshops across the nation. To extend this customer experience to their online platform, they made a strategic decision to implement Hello Retail’s Search and Recommendations solutions. 

A key factor that made us choose Hello Retail was the personal approach to our collaboration. We truly feel that Hello Retail became part of our team. We’re having an excellent experience with the support and customer success team, which makes us more confident to build ambitious solutions together. – says Michael

Helpful recommendations

Recommendations made shopping easier, presenting customers with the right complementary products or alternatives. Many times customers need equipment with similar specifications, and here personalised Recommendations make it easier for them to explore products that stay relevant to their needs.

Quick search

The Personalized Search is not only accurately presenting results, but also seamlessly and quickly updates the given results in an easy to navigate design. This way customers immediately know if they are looking for the correct equipment.

Better user experience

Beyond the increased performance, Hello Retail's solutions have also improved the user experience with a sleek and clean design both for desktop and mobile.

BilXtra Search

Two essential performance indicators are rising through the roof.

Higher order size
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Growth in Conversion Rate
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We have been very happy with the results, and we can confidently say that Hello Retail will stay as one of our most important partners going forward in growing a successful commercial website.

Michael Birkeland

Thank you!