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We are a team of 70 super-dedicated individuals from 10+ nationalities, serving over 2000 customers in the Nordic and Benelux markets. We’re continuously expanding our customer base every day. Twenty-five percent of our Hello Retailers enjoy a vegetarian lunch, 45% have kids, almost 100% love a good burger on Fridays, and, without a doubt, 100% of us love a great Hello Retail celebration.

While we love seeing our colleagues in the office, we also encourage work-life balance and provide flexibility. We want you to be able to carpool your child’s football team, practice tango with your significant other, or organize the next Halloween party.

We are not strict about a formal dress code; every Hello Retailer gets to express themselves as they are, and we welcome that with open arms!

We are constantly evolving, not just in serving our customers but also in developing our technology, enhancing our service, and growing our business. To achieve this, we seek the best talent in their respective areas. We’re always on the lookout for new, passionate, and talented colleagues to join our amazing team. It doesn’t matter which nationality you are, whether you like sports or video games, fashion or reading – as long as you are interested in making a difference and having fun at the same time. If you see yourself as a fellow Hello Retailer, please explore our current job opportunities further down on this page.

We are also happy to receive unsolicited applications, so please submit your unsolicited application and CV for jobs or internships.

Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear from us straight away. We are a busy bunch and run through candidates when relevant openings occur. All candidates are kept on file for 2 years. After this, you will have to renew your application.

Yang Huang

Lead Data Scientist

Hello Retail

I joined Hello Retail in late 2020 as the Lead Data Scientist after ending a long spanning career as a mathematician.

Transitions like this can be rough because the challenges that I had to face were nowhere close to those from my previous career, not to mention the apparent gap between academia and industry. The reality is rarely what one may expect, and in my case, it has been a pleasure to find myself in a group of professional, intelligent and hard-working colleagues.At Hello Retail, I have been given the most freedom to explore the vigorously developing field of Machine Learning and AI, and, by blending in my mathematical skills, to create cutting-edge solutions to the personalization of the e-commerce industry. Needless to say, none of these can happen without my colleagues, with their highest patience and profession, standing to my relentless questions. As a culture at Hello Retail, there are no stupid questions.

Whether you are a newly graduated student or an experienced professional, as long as you have a passion for revolutionizing personalization in e-commerce with AI technologies, Hello Retail will not disappoint you.

Haseeb Rehman


Hello Retail

I love working with HelloRetail because of the people I work with and the freedom to create what works best for me.

I can try out new things and have support of my managers. HelloRetail always hires the best people who are easy to work with.

Usman Mohyuddin


Hello Retail

It’s a company that helps you to stretch the skillset and gets you excited to wake up & go to work.

A ‘typical day’ at Hello Retail is never a typical one. You always have something to learn or to improve.One thing that impresses me the most, is the culture that owns you in every aspect. You’ll be surrounded by people who are top-minds in their areas, friendly & always there to back you.

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Chris van der Iest
Account executive – Europe
Brian Petersen
Co-Founder & VP of Customer Experience
Aathuran Sivakumar
Implementation specialist
Drew MacKenzie
Global Head of Partnerships

Located right next to the Copenhagen Central Train Station and Metro, 18 bus routes, 20 minutes to the airport, and thousands of cyclists passing by our CPH-office every day.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion

At Hello Retail we are tall, short, dog lovers, cat lovers, American, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Pakistani, Chinese, pineapple on pizza eaters, strictly no pineapple on pizza eaters, and so on.

Our diversity of thought drives our creativity and innovation and we aim to build a diverse and inclusive work environment. Hello Retail support equal opportunities for everyone and support the prohibition of discrimination. We encourage all interested candidates to apply for this position.

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