Deep insights & sales performance tracking.
Great results don't matter if they can't be measured.


Gain Insights

  • In the Hello Retail admin account, you’ll be able to find key insights, detailed analytics and track sales performance through easy and understandable graphs.

    You can even drill down behavioural visitor insights, track cross-channel coverage, detailed Click-Through rates and conversion rates, preview orders with specific personalisation attribution and much more.

The Hello Retail dashboard provides deep insights into the behaviour of your visitors – and the impact the solution has on the overall sales performance of your webshop.

Integrates with Google Analytics

Hello Retail automatically integrates with your existing Google Analytics set up.

To make your life easier, Hello Retail automatically reflect visitor activities with the personalisation components, through Google Analytics Events – making it easy for you, to track and follow these activities in your existing setup.

For customers using Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking, Hello Retail even offers a tailor-made performance Dashboard, to be easily installed directly in Google Analytics to grasp the overall impact of the personalisation solution.


Integrates with

And many many more...