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New mobile search design

Mobile shopping is becoming the way customers prefer to shop, but most search solutions still cater towards a desktop market. We set out to perfect the mobile search experience. To help out, we enlisted a bunch of our loyal customers and internal employees. 

One of the key areas we wanted to improve was how filters and sorting were applied. We went for the KIS(S) (Keep-it-simple) principle and didn’t want to clutter the interface. 

Customer journey optimization Cykelexperten

It was quickly apparent to the team that an overlay search would be ideal for mobile, as it would hide the menus, and the header could be made smaller. This would, in return, provide more screen real estate for showing what is important – the products you want to showcase.

A secondary benefit of the overlay design for mobile is that it easily embeds recommendations when you open the search design. This could typically be retargeted or popular products

Depending on the shop, the goal of the embedded recommendation in the search solution is to either inspire customers or getting them back to previously viewed products.

Perfecting the experience

One of the key decisions we made was to have filters be on their own page, as this would keep fewer details on each page and make it easier to use if you have bigger fingers. It might not be a surprise that a lot of time was spent perfecting the experience, so switching filters would have an App feel & responsiveness. 

Pixizoo new search overlay
pixizoo old search overlay gif


At the same time as we built the new mobile design, we also redid the desktop design from the ground up. One of the main goals was re-architecturing the solution to make it more extensible. 

11 %
increase in CTR

Show me the results!

During the past 8 weeks, we have set up a split test for Pixizoo where we were testing our old mobile design vs the new mobile design. We were quite surprised to see a big 79% increase in CTR on mobile followed by the new design implementation in the A/B Split Test. We can not deep-dive into the numbers, as they belong to Pixizoo. But Imagine if your CTR took such a steep increase? 

Thanks to Pixizoo and all of the customers who helped test and improve the solution – we couldn’t have done it without you.

All the conversations resulted in a lot of iterations; below you can find an early mockup:

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