PrestaWorks Hello Retail Partner
Prestaworks AB is a Swedish web-agency providing e-commerce solutions built on PrestaShop. We also offer other services such as Hosted Server Backup, Hosted Exchange, Hosted Sharepoint and more.

About us

Together with our customers, we have developed a consistent number of modules and themes for PrestaShop, aiming to simplify the administration of your shop, enhance your sales and facilitate your workday. “We have provided modern e-commerce solutions based on PrestaShop since 2008, to over 1000 customers around the world.” Our ambition and target are to offer a complete, valuable and affordable solution for e-commerce. Our aspiration is to offer small and medium-small companies an efficient solution for their marketing on the Internet without the initial cost being too high. Prestaworks is an approved and certified partner with PrestaShop.

Key services

E-handel, payment modules




Countries served

Northern Europe



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