We are one of Denmark’s most solid suppliers of open source e-commerce solutions.
Wexo Hello Retail Partner

About us

It is our drive and ambition to be able to provide a good solution to any problem that is necessary to create a successful webshop. We want to develop the processes that make our customers have webshops that run a little faster than the competitors. Webshops that return better search results and are ranked higher in Google. Order processes that make it possible to get as many orders as possible through with as few people as possible. Webshops that sell and provide the opportunity to create a business.At WEXO, we strive for a high professional level, and each of our employees strives to be among the most talented in their field. We thrive on challenges and are very aware that you, as a webshop owner, are looking for someone who will take on some of the responsibility for your business. – We think you have found it at WEXO.

Key services

Magento, Hosting, Shopware, Surveillance, Amazon, Plugins




Countries served

Northern Europe



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