Offer visitors somewhere to save desired products they would otherwise forget or leave behind.

Addwish wishlist

What is Addwish Wishlist?

  • Let visitors save desired products to a wish list, favourites or a price watch list with the click of a button.
  • These lists are easy to share with family and friends – which drive high-conversion traffic back to your webshop.
  • The wish list service automatically generates inspiration and recommended products for all consumers using the addwish wish list and not only the ones visiting your webshop.

Why choose our Wish List?

We are wish list experts! We started the wish list consumer service back in 2008 – with the vision of creating a universal wish list that would help consumers share products they love.

Just like all of our other services, the wish list is customizable and can be easily modified to meet your specifications and needs.

Expose your products to a new audience through addwish. The product inspiration section combines addwish business’s search and recommendation technology – to show relevant products to wish list users, who are exploring new items to add to their lists.

A wish list is an easy add-on to improve visitor experience and make your webshop more engaging with the individual visitor.

Gain Insights

A wish list can help you understand what products visitors are interested in, but aren’t yet ready to buy just yet. Use this knowledge to refine your marketing communications.

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Boost Conversions

When customers share wish lists with their network, they encourage high converting leads to your webshop and products. The average conversion rate for visitor referrals through the addwish wish list is 13-14%.

Price Drop Notifications

When the wish list is enabled on your webshop, the service automatically notifies consumers via email – if a product from their list drops in price. This email notification will reference directly back to that particular product in your webshop – enabling a quick and easy purchasing process.

Triggered emails

Reach New Customers

The addwish wish list service is used by over 235,000 consumers. These consumers are exposed to relevant products from your webshop in their inspiration lists, regardless if they have visited your webshop before or not.

Combine with other Hello Retail Services

Remind customers what they have on their wish lists in newsletters or in retargeting banners – to invite them back to your webshop.


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