Offer YOUR visitors somewhere to save desired products they would otherwise forget or leave behind.


Let visitors save desired products to a wish list, favourites or a price watch list with the click of a button.

These lists are easy to share with family and friends – which drive high-conversion traffic back to your webshop.

The wishlist service automatically generates inspiration and recommended products for all consumers.

Value that matters...

1 %

Returning Visitors

Up to 12% of e-commerce visitors return after using wishlist.

1 x

Better Conversion

The sharing function increases the conversion rate through top of mind actions.

1 %

Increased Revenue

Wishlists create returning traffic with the core focus of buying.

Using Hello Retail we have improved our KPIs across the board. We use search, product recommendations, abandoned cart and newsletter content. All are great features and easy to implement and use. The best thing about working with Hello Retail is their support team which are always ready to help when we want to add new features or change something. They implement changes extremely fast, and they always find a solution, even how complicated the request might seem.

Why Hello Retail Wishlist

Hello Retail is the creator of one of the strongest wishlist platforms that can deliver a truly personalized wishlist experience. Each wish is served at the most optimal time to rekindle the fire that was already there to start with.

The Wishlist feature is crucial for any store that is focussed on the long term engagement and conversion of users.

How Hello Retail delivers Wishlist

Gain Insights

A wish list can help you understand what products visitors are interested in, but aren’t yet ready to buy just yet. Use this knowledge of purchase intention to refine your marketing communications.

Boost Conversions

When customers share wish lists with their network, they encourage high converting leads to your webshop and products. The average conversion rate for visitor referrals through the addwish wish list is 13-14%.

Price Drop Notifications

When the wish list is enabled on your webshop, the service automatically notifies consumers via email – if a product from their list drops in price. This email notification will reference directly back to that particular product in your webshop – enabling a quick and easy purchasing process.

Reach new customers

The addwish wish list service is used by over 235,000 consumers. These consumers are exposed to relevant products from your webshop in their inspiration lists, regardless if they have visited your webshop before or not.


Combine with other Hello Retail Services

Remind customers what they have on their wish lists in newsletters or in retargeting banners – to invite them back to your webshop.


A wish list is an easy add-on to improve visitor experience and make your webshop more engaging with the individual visitor.

” 14% Conversion rate on purchase intent…
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