Types of onboarding

We are at Hello Retail not successful unless our customers are successful.

Our success in the market has often been accredited to our hands-on onboarding of new customers. 

There are two levels of onboarding, onboarding assistance & premium onboarding, available. If you have a question about which package might be the right one for you, then don’t hesitate to let us know.


Onboarding assistance

We will help set up and configure your solution, but you will need to provide us with your feeds (product, order & content feed), add a little JavaScript snippet, add a few HTML elements & style the boxes. We have plugins for most of the common e-commerce solutions, which will take care of most of the steps, and thereby make it a very smooth process for you. You can find a list of our plugins


Premium onboarding

With our Premium Onboarding you don’t have to do the styling of any of the design elements, we will do this for you. You just need to provide us with the feeds, add a little JavaScript and some HTML-elements (so we know where to inject the designs).


Here is what is include depending on what product(s) you buy:


Premium onboarding for Product Recommendations

We will create 2 different design templates for the product recommendation boxes. The look and feel will be based upon your requirements, but we advise you to get the same look and feel as your other product boxes. If you need more designs, just contact your Account Manager to get a quote. 


Premium onboarding for Triggered Emails

We will modify our base template with your color scheme to make it look and feel like your own. If you want a fully customized email design you can purchase it at additional cost. Please reach out to your account manager to get a quote. 

Note: Not all design features can be supported in older mail clients. We advise keeping the design simple to ensure compatibility in most email clients.


Premium onboarding for Newsletter Content

We will design one set of product tiles which will be based upon your requirements. We, however, suggest you keep it simple, and remember that some design features cannot be supported in older mail clients. Just reach out to our support if you are uncertain if a design feature is supported.


Premium onboarding for Search

We will design the product tiles to look like your current design. In most cases, we advise our clients to keep the design simple for a better overview of the products when searching. If you have purchased the Search Pro package then you can choose from one of our standard filter and category designs. If you need a more customized design, then it can be purchased at an additional cost, just contact your Account Manager. 



For all premium onboarding packages is included a free yearly redesign, as well as two iterations of the design. If more iterations or redesigns are needed, they can be provided at additional cost.