Everybody who has grown up using Google knows the value of a great search. The users will bring the expectations from the best search experiences and use that as a measure, when evaluating the search on your website or webshop.
And they don’t care about how big or small your budget is. They expect a coherent and personal customer experience. Nothing less. Especially if you are in a competitive market like ours, where the products you are offering aren’t unique, it can be the difference between a happy returning customer and an anonymous visit in your analytics data. That was the mindset we had, when we started looking for a new supplier of search and recommendations. Quickly we realized that Hello Retail offers all of the necessary functionality, if you are a modern webshop. And as we went deeper in the dialogue we found out that Hello Retail is a complete solution for acquiring new customers, engaging them on the site and retaining them afterwards.
Currently we are using recommendations, search pro, triggered emails and email content. All at a price point, where the value for money ratio is extremely favourable. Especially considering that you don’t get a one size fits all solution. We have for example been deeply involved in the customization of a new search for mobile, which is turning out great. Really look forward to seeing the results of this latest improvement and other new features Hello Retail has in the pipeline.
When it comes to stability and performance, we have never had issues, even on very busy days with a lot of traffic like Black Friday. This is of course essential, so all your well planned preparations don’t go to waste, because of slow responses or downtime. If you have a need for support, access is easy and the people involved really care about your business. Also when it gets late on a Friday afternoon and a cold beer with colleagues is calling. They stick to the end and make sure your business is running.
As a webshop owner, I can give Hello Retail my best recommendations!

Thank you!