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Upgrade your customers experience

If you own a Shopware store, it’s about time to upgrade your customers experience, with services such as a Personalized Search Experience, Upsell banners on product pages, Retention tools to engage your customers during their first visit, before they buy and when they have bought your products.

Search in Shopware

While Shopware has a decent search function, you will however find that it does not remember your customer, it will not auto-complete their sentences, it does not understand what a brand is, and the filtering is illogical to say the least, our solution removes all of this friction and besides that also remembers the search terms for optimizing the complete browsing experience, it is intuitive and comes fully designed to match your stores theme.

Upselling in Shopware

What suits these shoes, what have others bought that matched these pants? take full control over your inventory and display it at the right time, based ndot only on what previous customers have looked at or bought, but also on previous visits by the same user, it’s time to upgrade your store to the next level.

Retention for Shopware

Besides being an amazing shop system, Shopware does not really provide an intuitive way of getting your customers to remember that they bought with you, instead of using plugins that slow down your system, using a SaaS solution that knows your customers both for who they are but also for what they have been doing on your site, gives a unique experience when creating tigger flows that remind them that you are still here waiting to take their next order.

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