Provide a Personalized Search experience to convert more visitors into loyal customers.

Personalized Search

Hello Retail is one of the only platforms that can deliver a truly personalized search experience. Each search is in real-time optimized for each user to predict what products will convert the best. Meanwhile your visitors browse around your website, we automatically create unique user profiles for them to use when the user is searching.

“Stop showing male shoes to female shoppers!”

– Your Customers, 2020

Why our Search?

1 %

Higher Usage

Up to 30% of e-commerce visitors use the internal site search

1 x

Better Conversion

A good search experience can convert up to 5x-6x better than people browsing

1 %

Increased Revenue

On-site searches accounts for up to 14% of all revenue


Search results instantly appear as soon as the visitor starts typing.


Automatically uses individual user behavior to create unique search experiences that converts.


Gain full control and tweak the relevance to your likings.


Learn from your users search behavior and gain insights to earn more revenue.

” 30% of your visitors are searching… are they finding what they are looking for? 

Help them find what they are searching for today

What people say about us

After we have started using Hello Retail’s search and product recommendations, we have seen our conversion rate increase significantly. The system is very easy to use, the insights provide a lot of value and the employees are extremely helpful. We are very happy with our solution and would definitely recommend Hello Retail.

I can highly recommend Hello Retail. Their features are saving us a ton of time, providing a much better experience for our visitors and definitely increasing our revenue. The conversion rate from visitors interacting with Hello Retail features is 127% higher.

We have rarely worked with a supplier who is so interested in adding value to our business and finding solutions that we feel are tailored to our exact needs. The tools available at Hello Retail are amazing.

Hello Retail, your fully managed solution

Hello Retails search solution is fully managed. If you are in need of design changes or different behavior – it’s not a problem, just let us know. 

No need to activate a developer to implement a high-tech solution. Search is built and designed to easily integrate with any webshop.

We take the stress out of operating a state of the art search functionality on your website, so you can focus on all the other important aspects of operating your e-commerce business.

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