Studies say that it costs 10x more to get a new customer than to re-activate an old customer

Conversions are so much easier the second time around !

Studies show that it costs 10x more to get a new customer than to reactivate an old customer. So let us maximize your revenue on customers you have already paid for, by activating them and getting them back into your store.

With our automated personalized emails, we provide you the tools to stay in touch with your customers easily and build lasting customer relations.

Happy customers are loyal customers. 

Everything you need to turn first-time shoppers into loyal customers

Email is the single best option to retain customers. However, emails won’t be powerful if you spam your customers. For it to be an effective channel of reactivation, you need to send the emails with the right content, at the right time. With Hello Retail’s Retention Suite you will be able to personalize all email outreach to your clients, whether it will be through Triggered Emails such as an abandoned cart, price drop, post-conversion, etc, or personalized newsletters.

We automatically understand what your customer’s preferences are through behavioral pattern recognition. Thereby ensuring that your customers will receive personalized emails when they are ready to buy again.

Bring your customers back starting today.

Triggered Emails

Use Hello Retail’s Email Trigger solution to automatically engage customers, for better retention. The platform coupled with the market’s leading relevancy ensures personalized mails that converts. Out of the box support for triggers such as abandoned cart, price drop, post-conversion & back in stock ensures that you assist the customers no matter where in the life-cycle they are. 

Newsletter Content

The Newsletter Content solution ensures that your emails to your customers always contain personal recommendations, without additional work from you. You create engaging newsletters, we will make sure they convert.

Quotes from our

Frank, who is the owner of seven webshops, has a lot of experience on the e-commerce level. What he looks for in a vendor is the personal touch, a fair price model and a user friendly product. These three aspects are the key drivers that make Hello Retail different to their competition. Thanks to our intensive collaboration, the conversion rate has increased by 50% in only 6 months. We are looking forward to keeping improving our results by collaborating with Hello Retail.
Frank van Engelen
I was really surprised by Hello Retails awesome support and attitude to help. I wasn't prepared for the service-minded attitude from the tech department at all.
Håkan Appel
Throughout 2015 to the summer of 2016, we’ve seen an average conversion rate of 19.38% across visitors who used search on our site. After we’ve adopted the Hello Retail Dynamic Search functionality, the conversion rate for search has raised to 27.47%. The better search experience through the helloretail solution drives this 41% increase in conversion rate.
Marcus Eklöf
We have been using Hello Retail's smart search and product recommendations for more than a year now, and we are very happy. We have seen a clear increase in conversions and customer satisfaction since the tools was implemented. The statistics also give us fantastic insights to act on. Every member of the Hello Retail-team that I have been in contact with has been knowledgeable and very helpful.
Sandra Larsson
We are very happy with Hello Retail at BOBO, where the numbers are very clear. Hello Retail has a great effect on our business, and makes a very positive contribution to our conversion rate and our average order amount. When people interact with Hello Retail's product recommendations on our website, the conversion rate is 5 times higher and the average order amount is 60% higher. In addition, people who use Hello Retail's search function on our website converts approx. 4 times as high as those who do not use the search function. In addition, they are always very helpful and provide a super good service on their large product portfolio, which is really easy to implement at the shop
Christian Østergaard
Using Hello Retail we have improved our KPIs across the board. We use search, product recommendations, abandoned cart and newsletter content. All are great features and easy to implement and use. The best thing about working with Hello Retail is their support team which are always ready to help when we want to add new features or change something. They implement changes extremely fast, and they always find a solution, even how complicated the request might seem. Big thumbs up!
Frederik nielsen
These users not only buy more but also converting is many times faster. The conversion percentage is, compared to users who do not use the Hello Retail features, 127% higher.
Abel Jansen
Our longtime cooperation with Hello Retail comes from one thing: That the product works. After implementing their products on our site and in newsletters, we have seen rising conversions and lower rejection rates. The ongoing calls from Hello Retail about status at the moment and optimization ideas make us feel like a unique customer. If you do not have Hello Retail's products yet, you should hurry up and get it. You and your customers will love it.
Lasse Siig
Already from the initial sales process, we received a lot of advice on how the products from Hello Retail could create value for our webshop. Then a solution was adapted to our needs. Here, there has been good, helpful and really friendly service from all parties involved. Our Account Manager has delivered a great service to us throughout the entire time we have been customers. Besides always being super service minded when we call, he has been really available and quick to make changes to our inquiry. The product, and especially the people behind it, can be 100% recommended from here.
Kim Bøgelund Hansen
It has been such a pleasure to work with hello retail within Oh My Bag. We have been able to increase our conversion rate from 0,9% to 1,5%, that is due to the functionalities such as the Dynamic search and Product recommendations.
Claudia Angeli

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