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Retention on Cruise Control

How to Put Your
Retention on Cruise Control

Getting new customers can be expensive and challenging. Retaining customers, however, is an opportunity to save money on paid ads, and get your customers to purchase again and again. How can you do this without carefully crafting ads or emails for each customer you want to retain? Triggered Emails. In our upcoming webinar, Kasper Henriksen of Hello Retail, will talk about how you can put your retention on cruise control by creating easy-to-maintain automated flows that retain and reactivate your customers. 

Join us on February 2nd at 10:00 to learn how to put your retention on cruise control with Triggered Emails!


This is what you get:

  • Introduction
  • Why is retention so important?
  • What are Triggered Emails
  • How to make automated flows
  • Examples of triggered email flows and how they increase orders
  • Q&A



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During 2020/2021 Hello Retail will host a series of webinars along with market leaders, SaaS solutions and prominent agencies in the digital space with the purpose of delivering relevant content and tips to help e-commerce stores reach their fullest potential.