Skovborg + Høgh

Danish agency that provides a wide range of e-commerce and marketing services.

About us

Our E-Commerce expertise covers a long line of in-house service that substantiate your entire E-commerce business. We create great solutions of all shapes and sizes for small and larger companies. A custom and intelligent way to approach projects is where our main force of expertise lies. An agile, stable and fast webshop is always our goal. We strive to ensure a constant growth for all our clients – no matter their size, we believe there is always an unfulfilled potential, that we can help identify and develop within. We specialize in the E-Commerce platforms Magento 2 and WooCommerce. For the past decade, we have developed and designed many different E-Commerce solutions and our expertise in Magento have earned us the highest certifications within Adobes Magento 2. For now, we have gotten: Professional Front End Developer, Solution Specialist, Associate Developer, Professional Developer, Professional JavaScript Developer and a Master.

Key services

WooCommerce, Magento 2, Automation, Integrations




Countries served

Denmark, Sweden



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