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eValent Group works with two e-commerce systems and delivers pre-packaged e-commerce on both the self-built rental platform Nordic e-commerce and the international OpenSource platform Magento.

About us

We have always been passionate about the new, the revolutionary solutions, the mind-expanding insights. Driven by curiosity, we have thought “what happens if you do this instead?” But we have also always been soundly skeptical. Tested and tested again. To be really sure that it is not only a new idea, but also a good idea. And to know exactly how good it is.We have made the whole journey and know that technical expertise, innovative solutions and a brilliant e-commerce platform are not enough to create success. Deep knowledge in sales and logistics is also required. We do not give you an online shop. We help you create a successful sales-optimized e-commerce with proven results. Together we can revolutionize your entire digital business.

Key services

Magento 2, CRO Boost, A/B Test Boost, SEM Boost, SEO Boost,




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