We see that across customers, personalized recommendations in newsletters are boosting Click Through Rates with 300%

Newsletter Content

Newsletter content enables you to create a genuine and personal connection with your customers – retaining their awareness of your relevant products.

Newsletter Content

  • Hello Retail can automatically include personalized product recommendations into your marketing emails and newsletters.
  • Each recipient will receive a unique email with content tailor-made based on their previous activities in your webshop.
  • The content is easily adapted to your design and seamlessly integrates with your current email or newsletter provider.
  • All of this, with no extra work – through our automation functionality, you can automate your ongoing campaign activities.

Why choose newsletter content?

Our system seamlessly integrates with all the major email marketing and newsletter providers. There is no need to change your platform, workflow or design.

If you experience any difficulties, you can always give us a call and we will help you as fast as we can.

We are here to take the stress out of personalized emails to let you focus on sales, merchandising and delighting your customers.


Our system automatically tracks the behavior of each visitor and syncs your product data, to ensure freshness across the automatic recommendations.



You are completely in charge of the targeting strategies, and also how your newsletter recommendations should look. It’s easy to update rules and design. In case you want to try something new, contact us right away.  


Personalized newsletter content can be used in any stage of the sales funnel to push relevant traffic back to your webshop. This will increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns and newsletter activities.



To have personalized content in your newsletters is a powerful tactic to prevent unsubscribes. Relevant content is one of the most important factors to encourage existing customers to repurchase.


Intelligent algorithms

Hello Retail offers a variety of intelligent algorithms ensuring high relevance and great results – whether you are offering high or low priced products or one-time or highly repurchased products.


Track sales performance

In the Hello Retail admin account, you’ll be able to find key insights, detailed analytics and track sales performance. You can even drill down behavioral visitor insights, track cross-channel coverage, detailed Click-Through rates, and conversion rates, preview orders with specific personalization attribution.


No extra work - go have fun!

When using Newsletter Content the data collection and synchronization with Hello Retail are 100% automated – ensuring your product data are always up-to-date.

“I can highly recommend Hello Retail. Their features are saving us a ton of time, providing a much better experience for our visitors and definitely increasing our revenue. Conversion rate from visitors interacting with Hello Retail features are 127% higher.”
Jesper Mark
Jesper Mark


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