Hello Retail is turning holistic data
into smart and actionable algorithms.

Intelligent algorithms

Automated data collection

Hello Retail is intelligently collecting and using data derived from visitor behavior and purchasing patterns across your webshop.


Inferred from these collective and individual user behavior data, Hello Retail is turning data into actionable triggers and insights – used in personalization tactics across the functionalities offered throughout the entire Hello Retail solution.


These visitor data, continuous data collection, and synchronization of product data are designed to be handled automatically with no extra work required from your side.

Big data patterns meet individual interests

Collective user behavior is aggregated and used to populate popular product recommendations based on product views and purchasing frequency as well as related product suggestions based on interest patterns and combined purchasing patterns.

Individual user behavior is used intelligently to stimulate and reactivate interest based on individual users browsing and purchasing history as well as even teasing about abandoned cart interactions.

Taking recommendation intelligence to the next level, Hello Retail is using the collective user behavior combined with individual user behavior – ensuring the personal interests are enriched with the derived knowledge across the collective patterns.

Every recommendation can be refined by applying filters, to apply a sense of urgency e.g. through filtering relevant product recommendations by only showing products currently on sales or reminding customers about old interests e.g. by shifting the behavioral timeframe recommendations are based on. All of this to ensure the optimal sales performance for your particular audience and webshop.