Ecommerce merchandising

displaying the right products to the right customers, at the right time.

eCommerce merchandising – also known as online- or digital merchandising – is one of the most important disciplines when running an eCommerce store. The principles of eCommerce merchandising are almost the same as traditional merchandising; it is all about how you sell your products to the customer.

What is eCommerce Merchandising?

eCommerce merchandising is the art of displaying the right products to the right customers, at the right time. The more personalized the merchandising becomes, the higher your average order value, conversion rate, and revenue gets.

One important thing about eCommerce merchandising is to ensure a similar customer experience, every time a customer returns to your eCommerce store. Just like Brick-and-Mortar and the fact that they have a similar, if not, exact layout no matter which store you visit.

Hence, eCommerce merchandising is an important part of the customer journey in your eCommerce store.

eCommerce Merchandising Strategies

eCommerce Merchandising has many facets, hence can be done in many different ways. 
In the following, we will cover two different and important eCommerce merchandising strategies. One strategy that gets you started within the eCommerce strategy field, and one strategy which will take your eCommerce merchandising to the next level.

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is important for success with eCommerce merchandising. In the following, we will cover a few key areas and give you tips on how to optimize these.

These tips are not exhaustive but are general guidelines in regards to getting started with the basics of eCommerce merchandising.

First of all, make sure your eCommerce store is mobile-friendly. In the last few years, the use of mobile devices has exploded, which means, that it is essential to optimize towards a good mobile experience.

Product images & videos

The product images are probably the most important factors regarding eCommerce merchandising. This includes the image quality, the way you present the products in the images, the number of images, videos of the product in action, etc. Generally using multiple images, and displaying the product in different ways/scenarios in combination with a product video helps the customer in the decision process. Also, make sure to include the opportunity to zoom in.

User-generated content and reviews

Make sure to actively collect user-generated content such as images and reviews from your customers, directly on the product page. This will make the buying process easier for new customers considering buying a particular product. That way, a potential customer can see the product in a similar use case, as they probably would use it.

Product descriptions

Product descriptions are also a crucial part of both visual merchandising, but also product SEO. Make sure to include all the necessary information. The more information you can fit in the product descriptions the better. This includes measurements, colors, fit, materials, etc. Make sure to write a unique and detailed product description for each product. This will not only make the decision process easier but also enhance product SEO.

Product grouping

Start grouping related products together, making it easy for the customer buying additional products together with their intended purchase. Product grouping differs can be executed in various ways. Products can be grouped regarding target audiences, such as gender, or they can be grouped according to product type, and related products. To accelerate product grouping don’t forget to check out Product recommendations.

By optimizing according to visual merchandising, you have created the optimal prerequisites for the next strategy to work.

Take your eCommerce personalization
to the next level with Hello Retail

With our personalization solutions, you can personalize each part of your eCommerce store to the individual user. This means you can show products based on their exact needs, preferences, and desires, no matter where on your eCommerce store they are browsing.

Become hyper-relevant with Product Recommendations

Product Recommendation is going to accelerate your eCommerce Merchandising game. Powered by AI and intelligent algorithms our Product Recommendation software can suggest hyper-relevant products based on customer behavior, preferences, needs, and desires.

Merchandise products directly in the search results with personalized site search

The search bar is for showing relevant products in regards to a specific search query, right? Power your eCommerce search bar with personalized site searches to merchandise hyper-relevant products directly in the search results. Our Personalized Site Search software is based on consumer behavior and is therefore showing products in the search results based on their specific needs.

Cross-sell and merchandise post-purchase with triggered e-mails & content

Remind your customer about that additional and relevant product they forgot to buy. Or “just” take your newsletter game to the next level by recommending products based on consumer behavior.

All our personalization software has a few things in common

Customize category pages directly with Pages

With Pages, you can customize all your product category pages directly to each user. This means that you prioritize the most relevant products in that category, to your user. Powered by user data on interests, preferences, needs, and desires, you can customize your product and brand category pages, driving up the conversion rate.

Analyze and segment your target audience with Audience

Keep up with your audience, and stay on track by analyzing and segmenting your customers and users with Audience. Your customers’ needs, preferences, and desires change, and so should your eCommerce adapt.

How to get started with personalization software

Running personalization software on your eCommerce store requires a customized approach in the implementation process of the software.

Therefore, at Hello Retail we live by the philosophy that “one size does not fit all”. Today we see far too many companies offering personalization software, where the client is in charge of the implementation. These solutions tend to be way more default formatted.

At Hello Retail, we make sure to customize each personalization software solution exactly to the individual client. Not two eCommerce stores are the same, nor should their personalization configuration be.

When choosing us, you can sit back, and do what you do best, while we craft your new solution. Also, you can be sure, that your new personalization software works smoothly from day one.

We integrate with any customer management system

As previously mentioned, we are specialized in customizing each personalization solution to a specific client. Hence, we integrate with any customer management system.

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding our personalization software.


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