How personalisation helped Sportsdeal
increase engagement & conversions

case study

Relevant recommendations & intelligent search

  • Using automated data-collection and intelligent algorithms, you can serve relevant products on-site
  • Utilize personalization to improve the user-experience and sales performance
  • Bring intelligence to the search functionality
  • Access to superb customer service

Personalised newsletters & smart email notifications

  • Use timely and relevant content in emails to raise your converison rate
  • Adapt products to the individual visotor’s needs
  • Enable personalised product recommendations in newsletters
  • Leverage highly engaging event-based email notifications

50% higher conversion rate

The conversion rate of SportsDeals visitors interacting with the Hello Retail features is more than 50% higher compared to those who don’t

200% higher engagement

Engagement from SportsDeals visitors interacting with the Hello Retail elements is more than 200% higher compared to those who don’t


"sophisticated algorithms"

“Hello Retail has sophisticated algorithms which understand the visitors cruising around your website, leveraging these algorithms you can present targeted products on your webshop and, i.e. email campaigns. This will raise your conversion rate. With their super customer service and willingness to find the best solution – their product is “a must have” for every retail website.”
Kenneth Bårdseng

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