Case Study: Reducing Manual Work and Increasing Revenue, a one stop shop for those who have various food intolerances in the Netherlands, was founded in 2012 and began partnering with Hello Retail in 2018.

The owner explained, “The cooperation with Hello Retail started in July 2018. Hello Retail is an important part of the growth we made. The main focus we had was to grow, and with Hello Retail the revenue went into a boost. Over the 2,5 years of our collaboration the revenue made a growth of 125%.”

Utilizing Hello Retail Search and Product Recommendations, has optimized their customer journey and increased conversions. 

You can download the full case study highlighting PuurMieke’s growth below.

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Tuinhout Discount

Tuinhout discount joined Hello Retail to gain an advantage over the competitors in the market as well as increasing their performance. By joining the growing

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