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More efficient marketing efforts

Hello Retail's Audience gives you the tools necessary to create advanced customer segments, the easy way. With Audience, you can better target specific customers, with the proper marketing on e.g. Facebook or through your preferred email platform.

Simple to use,
powerful insights

You need to get the best possible acquisition cost per customer, to achieve the highest possible ROI. The Audience solution helps you create the perfect segment for custom marketing campaigns, that in turn makes sure the product is shown to the right people at the right time.

What our customers
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Limitless possibilities

Segment customers endlessly, to gain insights and create custom segments to market to.

Use cases

Here are just some of the questions you now can get answered:

  • What is the lifetime value of your customers?
  • What is the average order size across different segments of users?
  • Are people who buy your favorite brands, more loyal customers?
  • Give me a list of customers who haven't purchased within the last 90 days.
Hello Retail Audiences are easy to use, you choose which segments you want to take into account then with a few simple steps I exported the emails to MailChimp to target the specific audience I wanted. It only took 2 minutes to export and import the audience!



Create your Audience account for Free and unlock secrets about your customers in our 360-degree analytics and marketing platform.

Dont worry!
We have
more to come

We are just getting started, and we will in the coming months have two major releases that will improve and add to the functionality even further.


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