Convert more visitors into customers through serving the
at the right time

Step 1

Recognizing your users based on their brand/category/product level preferences creates the option to engage them.

Step 2

Engaging your users with the right content at the right moment will create the difference between conversion and drop-out.

Step 3

Activate your customers by utilizing our platform to create a personalized user experience for increased conversion rate and larger order size.

88% of marketers claim that their customers and prospects expect a customized experience. That being said, the real question becomes, “How are we supposed to pull personalization off?”

Everything you need
to activate your customers.

With Hello Retail’s Activation Suite, you can provide a personalized onsite experience that converts visitors into customers. Stop showing male shoes to female customers, and start providing relevant product suggestions across our recommendation and search solutions.

Stop wasting ad spend. By increasing the conversion rate and the average basket size, your marketing spend has a much higher impact.

Intelligent Recommendations

With Hello Retail’s smart recommendations, you can automatically present the right products at the right time, to ensure an optimal and personalized experience.

Customers typically see an increase of 20-25% conversion rate and a 15-25% increase of the average basket size by using Hello Retail’s recommendation solution.

Personalized Search

30% of your customers are searching – are you presenting the right products to them?

If your visitors search and don’t find anything, you just lost them to Google and a competitor. With Hello Retail’s Search solution, you can provide a fully personalized search journey while staying in control of the experience. Many customers see a 30-50% increase in conversion rate after installing Hello Retail’s Search solution.

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